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CASPEA’s School Support Project in Jordan

4 June, 2009 | en, News | By:

Schools enter next level of self-management: Capacity building and infrastructure support go hand in hand After completion of workshops on participatory assessments with the school communities, the project schools now develop strategy plans for the investments into their infrastructure. The objective of all new acquisitions is the direct benefit of the school children and their [...]

Second Phase of the Jordanian School Support Project has started April 24th and 25th

29 April, 2009 | News | By: thOmAsScho3rGh0fEr

The teachers of the 8 participating Palestinian and Jordanian Schools who were certified as CASPEA coaches in January, were now trained to conduct PRA sessions at their schools with the whole school community. In early May, the will gather data and the needs at their schools in order to strategically plan and self-manage their schools’ [...]